Story from Office: Tough Decision but This Must Be Taken

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Since the opening of the first Covid-19 case in Indonesia, we have begun to think when the situation will get worse. On several occasions, we were forced to postpone planned visits and activities with volunteer friends. We are still doing activities as usual, meeting with partners, activities in the community, futsal training is still going on. Entering the second week of March, as news became more intense and information on cases increased, we finally decided to cancel all activities outside the office and dormitory. We know this condition is not easy for all parties, but in the best interest of the child and the safety of all parties, delaying is the best decision.

It doesn't feel like it's been a month since the government called for an appeal to work from home. For us at KDM, working from home does not apply to all staff. Almost all of our staff still come to KDM because of learning activities with children, in addition to considering the distance that is not too far away. Staff present must go through the process of checking body temperature, washing hands at the checkpoint, and are required to wear masks. Those who are confirmed to be healthy, there are no symptoms of cough or flu. Keeping a safe distance for interaction is also applied to all staff and children.

We hope this situation will end soon, and all KDM friends everywhere are in a good and healthy condition with loved ones. We look forward to the time in the future so that we can resume activities as usual, can meet directly with friends all. It is now entering the fasting month (Ramadan). Do not forget, we pray and hope that friends who undergo fasting can live it smoothly. May we all stay healthy until we meet again later.

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