Alert Corona Virus, KDM Publish a Guide for Guests and Volunteers

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Responding to the government's policy to be at home for the next two weeks, KDM hereby conveyed following the government's call. Since last Saturday (3/14/2020), KDM children who is live in the dormitory have been given an explanation and information related to the current situation in Indonesia. All of them agreed to live in a dormitory this semester.

However, KDM realized that due to strong reasons, there were people who came either visiting or doing activities with the children. For this reason, KDM has issued a guide whose purpose is to ensure that all parties at KDM feel safe and comfortable.

A Guide for Guests / Volunteers While in the KDM Area

1. Every guest is required to follow the temperature checking & wash their hands with soap and water or a hand washing made from alcohol upon arrival at KDM. KDM provides a number of alcohol-based soap or hand washing in several areas.

2. Given the spread of the virus through touch, it is encouraged to guests to minimize physical touch to the children such as hugging, holding hands, shaking hands, kissing hands. If you want to greet the children, guests can do it through a wave of the hand.

3. Regarding the handshake, this activity can be carried out by shaking hands from a distance.

4. After the activity, guests are expected to wash their hands with water and soap or hand washing made from alcohol.

5. Please always carry a handkerchief in a pants pocket or shirt, to anticipate a sudden coughing or sneezing.

Guidelines for guests / volunteers who will be active in KDM are valid until an unspecified time limit.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


The Executive Committee of KDM Foundation

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